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Care of silk scarves

Silk, one of the world’s most beautiful fabrics is incredibly strong, light and easy to care for.

These silk scarves are very versatile. A beautiful silk scarf is the easiest way to dress up an outfit. Put one on with jeans or an evening gown or any thing in between.  It is surprisingly warm.  I often keep one in a zip lock bag in my purse to use when I am cold.  Wrap it around your neck and you will be quickly warmed by it.  Get too warm just drop it down to your shoulders and instant cooling occurs.  

These scarves are all 100% silk.  Each on was painted with a dye especially formulated for silk.  Each scarf was washed numerous times during the painting process and can be washed countless more times.  I recommend hand washing in a mild soap or hair shampoo.  Roll it in a towel to absorb most of the moisture then lay flat or hang over a towel rack to dry.  Iron as needed.